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Rail lubrication systems
Benefits & infos
Rail lubrication systems<br>Benefits & infos
Track-side lubrication systems are mainly used to

  • To reduce the noise pressure level of wheel squeal
    • especially in low radius curves noise pressure levels can reach values of up to 120dB(A)
  • Reduce the material wear and tear of wheel and rail
    • and to increase the durable life of the rail infrastructure (rails, trackswitches, etc.)
    • to minimize the Life-Cycle-Costs of the rail infrastructure
    • reduce the reprofiling work on the wheels and thus increase the lifetime
  • Reduce energy consumption
    • and thus reduce CO2 emissions and costs
  • To prevent the climbing-up of the wheel flange on the rail flanks and/or tips of points
    • and therefore to reduce the derailment risk
Why lubricating rails?
Noise levels, material wear, energy consumption and risk of derailment are significantly reduced

HY-POWER has the solution
  • Potential savings
    • Useful life of rail may be extended by at least 200%
    • Danger of derailment may be reduced by 2/3
    • Energy costs are reduced considerably
    • Noise reduction avoids need of expensive constructions like noise barriers
  • Minimal lubrication
    • Exact adjusting of produced quantity
    • Therby, minimal grease consumption
    • Use of biodegradable lubricants
  • No demounting necessary for winter
  • Usable for all rails and wheel flanges
  • Lubricant is not applied in places but as a continuous grease film over the total circumference of the wheel
  • HY-POWER equipment passed all established electro-magnetic compability tests and correspond CE standards
  • All HY-POWER products are patent-protected
Advice on problem solving

  • Experienced team of technicians
  • Worldwide installation and mounting
  • Full range of additional services
    • Problem solving and consulting
    • Planning and engineering
    • Localizing and fine-tuning
    • Training of customer personnel
    • Worldwide spare parts logistics (we guarantee every ordered spare part is dispatched within 24 hours)
    • Research and development
    • Joint development projects with railway operators (railway, tram, metro)

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